The Different Waxing Services Available

Waxing ServicesThe great thing about waxing is that it can be done for every part of your body! From the top of your head right down to your toes, any area of hair can be safely and quickly removed through waxing services. Waxing can be done for both men and women – and discreetly too, if you’re private about this sort of thing!

Here are the most common areas of the body to get waxed:

Leg waxing

This includes either a half leg wax (from the knee to the ankle) or a full leg wax (from the top of the thigh to the ankle). Most waxing technicians will include a free toe wax as part of this service.

Arm waxing

This can be either a full arm wax or a half arm wax. Underarm waxing is also very common, and has shown to minimize the hair growth.

Private area waxing

To keep your ‘downstairs’ region looking smooth for the summer season, you can get either bikini waxing or a brazilian waxing. A bikini wax tends to the hair shown while bikini bottoms are worn, whereas a brazilian wax tends to all of the pubic hair. To reduce pain during the wax, take a look at these top tips for a painless bikini wax.

Facial waxing

This is common in women who tend to have dark or excessive hair on the chin and/or side-burns. Many women going through menopause may notice more facial hair growth during this time. Facial waxing can also include shaping the eyebrows – take a look at these before and after eyebrow waxes here.

Male waxing

For men who don’t like their excessively hairy backs or chests (or the woman they are seeing don’t like it!), waxing is a great solution. Check out this great guide to getting rid of male body hair here.