Creating successful explainer videos

Explainer videos have reached record high level of popularity in the past couple of years. This is not something unusual for those who know how effective these videos can be especially when you want to grow and expand your business. They attract new visitors to your website and boost conversions. But, not all of these videos are the same. If you want to create successful explainer videos, you have to take some things into account.

First and foremost, you must come up with a good script. You can use the best camera, but without a good script, your explainer video will become a complete failure. So, create a good brief before you begin creating a script. Address the objectives, arrangements, issues, and tone in this brief. After that, you can start using the best words and sentences for the script.

Next, we should never forget that a picture is worth a thousand words. Explainer videos require impressive visual elements. It is obvious that the main message is the crucial element of explainer videos. But, this doesn’t mean that you should focus on this message in every part of the video. Start with something else and surprise the audience with your main message in the end.

We will continue this list of recommendations about creating successful explainer videos with another important thing. Namely, you must use this video to highlight the benefits of the product or service you are trying to promote and stay away from the features. Obviously, if there are some special features, you can mention them briefly. But, the main point is to display the advantages of using the product/service and explain how it can help people solve their problems. In the end, the viewer must be sure what he or she will get if they buy that product or service.

Explainer videos must provide a certain level of entertainment. When thinking about this, you must think about your target audience too. Teenagers are not entertained by the same things as business people. Analyze your target audience and include elements that suit their character.

Finally, you should know that explainer videos that are considered successful are short and brief videos. There is no need to create a documentary about your offer. It usually takes a minute or two to display your business message to the audience. Keep in mind that modern viewers have a really short attention span.