Can explainer videos help startups?

Without any doubt, marketing a startup is not a simple thing. Things are even more complicated when you are trying to promote a startup that has really creative new services or products. At this time, you are simply trying to build a brand new brand, but you have to tell the world what your business is all about. On top of that, modern people are known for their short attention spans. Only a small number of people will sit down and read a whitepaper that consists of a few pages. Maybe you knew all these things, but do you know that there is a way to make things simpler? The answer is – explainer videos.

You may have heard about explainer videos, but you don’t know how exactly they can help startups. We will now present a few advantages of these videos.

For starters, they are short. As we said before short attention spans are typical for modern individuals. The good news is that you can deliver a solid business message through explainer videos that last no more than 90 seconds and that’s great. Additionally, you will probably create the business message faster because you will have to stay on the main points. You can use them to explain what kind of problems your product/service will solve and what kind of benefits buyers can expect.

Another great thing about explainer videos is that you can tell the audience more about your new company. They will realize what your brand stands for by the choice you make – the choice of characters, music, images, and script. This is an excellent way to start building and strengthening your brand.

Furthermore, with a good explainer video, you can make even the most complex topic look simple. In case you have a startup that is promoting something innovative and creative and something that the market has never seen before, the explainer video will help you stick to the main features of the product and explain it in the simplest way. According to many experts, animated explainer videos work in the best way in situations like this.

Finally, with the help of explainer videos, you can easily go viral. In other words, this is one of the greatest methods that you can use to boost your SEO. Place the video on YouTube and on social media platforms to get the best results. If the video is effective, it can go viral which means that thousands or even millions of people can see it.