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1. Tripcase Travel App

Tripcase identified a need and used an explanatory video to show customers how they can solve this need. They focused on pain points. A characteristic of an excellent descriptive video is showing the audience how the product can enrich their lives. Tripcase used subtlety to hammer the point repeatedly to the audience. They launched a targeted campaign to reach their potential users. Tripcase targeted people who want to avoid the chaos and hassle of traveling. The video uses shots of flustered travelers contrasting them with the Tripcase user who appears calm and collected.  This video uses what are called pain points to effectively communicate with the target audience on an emotional and practical level. The pain points show customers why they need the service creating an excellent video.

2. Dollar Shave Club

This is an excellent example of targeting your audience. Dollar Shave made an edgy video for their 20-30-year-old male client base. From the title to the script and acting Dollar Shave create a whacky video that goes hard to promote their razors. The language and humor in the videos are aimed at encouraging their clients to go ahead and place the order for the razors online. The structure of the video is great too. It starts with a short overview of the delivery for a dollar a month service, and they then highlight the problem, i.e., expensive blades with unnecessary features just to increase the prices and close off giving the audience a solution, their razors delivered cheaply to your doorstep every month.

3. Spotify

Spotify was one of the earliest adopters of explanatory videos. A while back when they are preparing to launch in the U.S., they created a video to create awareness and build anticipation. The video makes up for its lack of a voice-over with terrific music that holds the audience. This was especially important since they were launching a music streaming site. Fast Forward six years later, and the service has upwards of 140 million users and continues to grow.
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4. Mint

Explainer videos are better short and sweet. The video is just the hook for your product; it would not be beneficial to use it to go into details. Mint had this idea down to a tee when they made their video. The video just gives a brief description of what Mint can do for you and how it will make your life better. This is despite all the diverse and beneficial things you can do with Mint. After watching the video, you will have just enough knowledge on how Mint can impact your life, but you will still need to look into it further. This is the hook. Mint knew that there will still be a lot of time to go into specifics like subscription services and add-ons. They used the video to compel viewers to look into the other services.
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5. PooPourri

PooPurri had the same idea as Dollar Shave Club, and they created a video that is similar in style to theirs. The video largely consists of live action sequences but still uses dynamic animation to demonstrate the specifics of what PooPourri does for you. The video also successfully uses a call to action at the end of the video. You should note that the level of humor in this particular video will be hard to match for most businesses. They should rather go with subtle humor. Poopurri is successful with this type of humor since their products are equally as outrageous.

There are loads of explainer videos on the internet since they started trending, but you should look at these videos plus explanatory videos for CrazyEgg, Amazon, and Pinterest to get an idea of a good descriptive video.



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